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Tenants Fees

Set up fee (tenant's share) for one tenant
£395 (£329.17+VAT)           
£144 (£120 + VAT)
Additional reference checks for more than one tenant         
£39   (£32.50+VAT)
Reference checks for a guarantor    
£90   (£75+VAT)
Company checks                  
£72   (£60+VAT)
Usually equivalent to 6-8 weeks rent
Withdrawing from a tenancy
To a maximum of £300 per person (£250+VAT)
Extension and renewal documentation (paid at renewal)
£120   (£100+VAT)

Change of sharer (inc one tenant reference fee and contribution to tenancy agreement)
£395   (£329.17+VAT)


A Holding Fee (equivalent to the tenant administration fees plus half of the first month's rent) is payable by the applicant to go through the referencing process.

Upon payment of this fee the property will be removed from the market for a period not exceeding two weeks. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the time taken to go through referencing does not exceed this two week period.

The Holding Fee is non-refundable in any of the following events:

1  The applicant fails referencing due to factors not declared in writing upon application.

2  Referencing is not completed within two weeks of the Holding Fee being paid.

3  The applicant cancels their tenancy application.

Please note that the Landlord reserves the right to cancel a tenancy application at any time. If the Landlord decides not to proceed with an application for any reason not mentioned above then the applicant's Holding Fee will be refunded in full.